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Jared’s Final Blog –29 October 2017

Good morning everyone, and a warm welcome to Priestfield Church. It’s good to have you with us today joining in our worship and prayers. We give a special welcome for those who have come to share in the Thanksgiving and Blessing of Amos and Esra. For Priestfield folks who were wondering why I stayed on an extra month, it was so that I would be able to participate in this wonderful celebration, blessing, in the name of Jesus, two little boys who are very much part of our congregational life.

Thanks for your prayers

As you know, these last weeks have been full of ‘life events’ and we have been very conscious of being sustained by the prayers of people who love us. My sister, Moyra, died on 10th October, after a long and courageous battle with cancer. We were so grateful to have had almost three years more with her than we expected, during which so many significant family events took place in which she was able to share. Her funeral service on 20th October was a day of healing for us, full of tears and laughter, with many stories of her life and faith. She not only showed us how to live in faith, but also how to die in faith and I pray that we have the same peace and certainty in Christ that she had. I know her family would be very grateful for your continued prayers, especially her husband, Sandy.

Gift Day – still opportunity

Last Sunday was our Gift Day, but there is still time to contribute if you would like. Just put your gift in an envelope, marked Gift Day, and place it in the offering bag. Or speak to the Treasurers about other methods of giving. The notices will include the latest update.

And finally…

It has been a great privilege for me to have been the minister of Priestfield over these last eight years and more. Together, we have faced many challenges, but the generosity of all and willingness of many people to work hard has, by God’s grace, enabled us to meet these challenges and move forward.

It is hard for Jane and me to say goodbye, but, given the circumstances with the other churches in the local group, we believe that this is the right time to go and allow Priestfield to call a new minister who will share in leading you on to the next stage of your congregational life. You will continually be in our thoughts and prayers as you proceed through the vacancy process

I’ve had to dispose of lots of books with our move to Netherbank, and some of them are still in the Iona room (vestry) looking for a new home. You are welcome to look at them and take any in which you are interested – pass it/them on when you’re finished reading.

We also have an extendable dining table and chairs available if you know anyone who may be in need of it – free to click and collect! Let us know.

Have a good week, and may God’s blessing be on you all!


This week’s day off: every day!

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